Heating, hot water and Renewables - find how it integrates

Heating, hot water and Renewables – find how it integrates

Heat Pumps for low temperature space heating

1.    Ground, air or water source heat pumps operating in parallel
2.    Buffer tank in series, provides thermal inertia and helps prevent inefficient heat pump cycling
3.    Low temperature heat circuit
4.    Once lowest design temperature is reached, heat pump requests top up from gas plant. Arranged in parallel. Control logic makes stepped requests and staged checks to prevent over reliance on gas plant

Solar thermal preheat for Hot Water Services

5.    Solar thermal collectors – can reach temperatures of 130 degc
6.    Mains cold water enters solar pre heat tank at 5-10 degc
7.    Pre heated water enters inner tank of ACV Heatmaster to be topped up to usable temperature and for pasteurisation. The amount of work to be done by the Heatmaster has been reduced

ACV Heatmasters providing heating, hot water services and seamless back up to the heat pumps

8.    ACV Heatmasters arranged in parallel providing combined heating and hot water
9.    The outer tank of the Heatmasters are available for heating and enter a BSV. A pair of connections offering mixed heat down to the operating temperatures of the heat pumps
10. High temperature heat circuit